Knitting Hot Water Bottle Cover With Sweet Fox Pattern

This little fox is an eye-catcher on every sofa and keeps us even warm and cozy. This is how you make the fox hot water bottle yourself.  

You need this: 

  • Knitwear approx. 65 x 25 cm depending on the size of the hot water bottle (department store)
  • Hot water bottle (drugstore)
  • Filling cotton (craft shop)
  • Felt in rust brown and white (craft shop)
  • Embroidery thread in black (department store)
  • pins
  • Textile glue (Pattex, craft shop)
  • French chalk
  • Bommel in black (craft shop)
  • scissors
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn

And this is how it’s done:

  1. Sewing a hot water bottle cover from the rope: make a pattern by placing the hot water bottle on a piece of paper and drawing the contours with 1 cm seam allowance. Add 2 cm seam allowance to the hot water bottle rim. Trace the neck generously, so that the opening is big enough. Cut out cutting pattern.
  2. Double the wool fabric in the appropriate size, lay the pattern and cut it.
  3. Zigzag edges of cut pieces.
  4. Fold knit right to right and sew the side seams together with the sewing machine. Leave open at the lock and turn.
  5. Download, print and cut out the templates for the fox.
  6. Transfer the template for the tail and the tip to the desired felt and cut it out.
  7. Position the foxtail on the hot water bottle cover, pin it down and sew it tight with the free arm of the sewing machine (through the closure opening), leaving an opening at the tail tip for stuffing with cotton wool. Fill foxtail.
  8. Fix the white tip of the tail with textile adhesive on the foxtail and sew the opening.
  9. For the head, transfer the template twice to the felt with tailor’s chalk.
  10. Fold the two fox heads together right to right and sew them together with the sewing machine, except for an opening on the muzzle for turning and filling. After filling, sew the opening by hand.
  11. Embroider on the white parts the eyes with black embroidery thread and fix them on the head with textile glue.
  12. Stick the ears as well.
  13. Stick a black pompom on the muzzle.
  14. Put the folded hot water bottle in the cover.

Tip: For knitters: Simply knit in the width of the hot water bottle plus 2 cm seam allowance smooth right one piece in the double length of the hot water bottle. Then proceed as above.


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