Knitted Hat Pattern

A nice hat can always be used, because even in the transitional period it is often really cold and windy. With hip earflaps keeps you this cap very warm, through the beautiful and elaborate jacquard pattern, the cap is a real eye-catcher. Of course, it is also suitable as a gift or to use up a few Wollreste.


Instructions cap

Head circumference : 52 to 54 (58 to 60) cm

The data for the larger size are in brackets. If there is only one indication, this applies to both quantities.

Material : Lana Grossa Alpaca Peru 100  (100% alpaca, run length 100 m / 50 g); 50 g of olive  (Fb 113) ,  50 g of  mud  (Fb 115) ,  50 g of  blue-gray  (Fb 108)  and  50 g of  red-purple  (Fb 102); Playing knitting needles No. 4, crochet hook No. 3,5; Pompon set.

Kraus re : back and forth; in round 1 round, 1 round li alternately.

Smooth re : In Rd always re.

Jacquard pattern : smooth after the count pattern. It is drawn every Rd. The thread not in work is loosely carried on the back of the work. Make sure that the threads are evenly stretched. The respective reports always wdh. 1x the 1st – 38th round arb.

Sample and stripe series : 7 rounds in olive, 38 rounds jacquard pattern, rest on round plain in olive.

Stitch sample : Jacquard pattern with needles No. 4: 19.5 M and 25 Rd = 10 x 10 cm.

1. Ear flap : cast on 3 sts with Olive Needles # 4 in olive and wrap until crisp, starting with 1 strand. For the slants in every 2nd R 7x 1 M each. first, but after or in front of the Randm 1 sts out of the cross thread re entstr. = 17 sts. Shut down M at a total height of 9 cm. 2nd earflap also str. Cast on 10 (13) sts in olive for the back of the cap, knit over the 17 sts of the 1st earflap, then cast on the front cap edge 42 (52) sts over the 17 sts of the 2nd earflap. Then cast on 10 (13) sts at back cap edge = 96 (112) sts. Work across all sts in pattern and stripe, evenly splitting 6 (2) sts in 22nd round of jacquard pattern. = 90 (110) sts. On the 2nd round, after the jacquard pattern, split evenly 2 (0) sts. = 88 (110) sts. Decreases 7 (9) x every 3rd round 11 sts. = 11 sts. Draw the remaining 11 sts with the thread.

Completion : Make a pompon with 4 cm diameter in olive and attach to the tip of the cap. Crochet the lower edge of the cap and the edges of the earflaps with 1 round crab (= fe M from right to left) in olive with crochet hook No. 3,5.

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