Knit XXL Scarf For Yourself

That’s what every beginner can do! The super-soft XXL scarf in soft pastel shades can be easily knit crumpled to the right. The delicate colors combined with other light tones such as white, blue or pink are especially beautiful.

XXL scarf Super Color

210 x 28 cm [L x W]

Lana Grossa quality “Super Color” (64% virgin wool (Merino), 30% (baby) alpaca, 6% polyamide, LL = approx. 240 m / 100 g): approx. 300 g pastel pink / complexion / gray purple (Fig. 111); Knitting Needles No. 8.

The 1st M each R as rechtsstr. dep. The last M each R re str. Note: Both margins work with Knötchenrand!

Kraus re:
back and forth re str.

Stitch sample:
14 sts and 25 sts garter with nd. No. 8 = 10 x 10 cm.

cast on 40 sts. Kraus re str. After 210 cm from the stop, remove the M.

Shortly before the 3rd ball is knitted, the M abk.

Sew all threads carefully.

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