Knit Teapot Warmer Pattern

Bye Thermos, hello self-made teapot warmer! With this warmer, the tea stays warm even in grandma’s old porcelain teapot.

You need this:

  • “Silk Wool” by SMC Select (64% new wool, 27% silk, 9% polyamide): 50 g in mud (Fb. 07179), for the pompons approx. 10 g each in rust brown (Fb. 07124), Purple (Fb 07106) and petrol (Fb. 07180)
  • Knitting needles No. 4,5
  • Pompon set for pompoms Ø approx. 6 cm
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

And this is how it’s done:

Basic pattern: Pear pattern = Knit 1 stitch (M) on the right, 1 st on the left, one round at a time (Rd).
For odd number of stitches always start with a right st. For even stitches, start every other row with a left st.

Mesh test:
16 M and 30 R = 10 x 10 cm


The can warmer has a diameter of about 20 cm.
For the front and back knit two equal parts.
Cast on 35 to 35 sts with the knitting needles no. Then knit 51 Rd in a moss pattern:

1st round = 1st round: 1 st on right, * 1 st on left, 1 st on right, repeat from * to the end.
2nd round = back round: like 1st
round End with a back row.
Then start with the top:
1st round: 1 st in stocking st, * 9 sts in pattern, knit 2 sts to the right (= 1 sts, 1 st in garter st, draw over sts in over), repeat from * 2 x, 1 st at left = 32 sts
2nd round: 1 st at left, * 1 st at left, 9 sts in pattern, repeat from * 2x, 1 st at left
3rd round: 1 st at left, * 9 st in pattern, 1 st at right, from * Repeat 2 times, 1 st at left
4th round: as 2nd round
5th round: 1 st at left, * 8 sts in pattern, knit 2 sts at right, repeat from * 2 x, 1 st at left = 29 st
6th, 8th ., 10th, 12th round: as 2nd round with the respective patterns between the left sts
ROUND 7: D 1m at left, * 7 sts in pattern, knit 2 sts on right, repeat from * 2 x, 1 st at left = 26
sts. RS: 1 st at left, * 6 sts in pattern, knit 2 sts at right, Repeat from * 2 times, 1 st at left = 23 sts
11th round: 1 st at left, * 5 sts in pattern, knit 2 sts at right, repeat from * 2 x, 1 st at left = 20 sts
The last 20 sts with double thread contract.

Place the two parts for the front and back on a soft surface, cover with a damp cloth and let dry. Then sew on the sides, leaving one opening each for the spout and the handle.

For the pompons:
Make a pompon with a diameter of approx. 6 cm from the purple, petrol-colored and rust-brown wool. Wrap two half circles of the pompon mold with wool according to the package instructions. Put both wrapped halves together and cut the wool sideways with scissors. Pass a wool thread between the template sides and knit tightly together in the middle, so that the wool comes up to the pompon. Remove the template parts and, if necessary, use the scissors to cut the wool ball into shape and cut off excess threads. Sew the finished pompoms on top of the teapot warmer.

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