Knit Scarf Pattern Free


One of the reasons why we can make friends with the cold in autumn is scarves. They are extremely cuddly, keep us warm and look beautiful. I will explain to you in this guide how you can do it yourself with time and patience.


I used the “Rustic Home Wool” from Wolle Rödel. It has a barrel length of 200m / 100g and is suitable (normally) for needle sizes 4.5-5.5. All in all, I have used two balls of the 4 shades each, so a total of 8 balls of wool. I used 8-gauge knitting needles (about twice the strength of wool).

I used two balls of each color and was able to work with two balls of one color at a time.

If you want to knit a shorter scarf and you could get by with just one ball per color, you should divide each ball into two equally heavy balls before starting. It is best to weigh with the kitchen scale.

It is always worked with two threads at the same time. First, always with two threads of the same color (here white) then with a thread of the “Sartfarbe” and a thread of the next darker wool, then with two threads of the latter, etc. … My scarf has a double gradient, so first of light after dark and then again from dark to light. So are the Schalenden in the same color …

And This Is How It Works

With the lightest wool two-ply 40 stitches with 8-needles.

Knit each row in a pear pattern (lrlr etc. and in the next row offset rlrl etc.).

For more beautiful edge stitches, always lift off the first stitch of each row as if to knit right and knit every last stitch on the right = edge of the kitten.

After about 20 cm one of the two threads is cut off and replaced by a thread of the next darker wool, etc.

With my scarf, the transitions are not regular. That should be so. That’s what it looks like. All you have to do now is hang it and make you feel good!




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