Knit Fox Hat For Kids Pattern

So incredibly cute little ears can be kept warm. You can easily knit this fox hat for kids according to the instructions oon You can find the right wool for your fox hat on the marketplace.

Choose a pretty and cuddly wool and a needle game of the right strength. You need two colors, I have decided to rust red and off white, of course you can also choose a different color combination. I knitted the cap with a needle size of 4, adapted to the mesh and row specifications in the following instructions. If you are knitting with a different caliper, make sure to make a stitch test to calculate the correct number of stitches and rows.

Hit a total of 85 stitches.

Depending on which wool you choose and how big the head of your child is, your number of stitches can vary. The important thing is that you choose a number of stitches, which is divisible by 3 and that you then strike an additional maw. Because the cuffs are knitted 3 stitches on the right and 3 stitches on the left.

Now distribute the stitches evenly on the 4 needles. The number per needle should be the same for all, only on the first needle is one stitch more. Once you’ve dealt all the stitches, make them round by knitting the first and last stitch together.

Now knit three stitches on the right for 5 rounds, three stitches on the left. This is how the cuff is made. If necessary, you can mark the beginning of the round with a stitch marker, so you always know when a round starts and when it is finished.

After the cuff knit a total of 10 more rounds with the woolen wool. From now on, only right stitches are knitted.


So that the cap looks like a fox, the next 5 rounds are now knit in two colors. This creates a pattern for the ears. Lead the thread of the other color when knitting.

The ears are knitted on needle 2 and 3, that is, first knit on needle 1 the stitches with the rusty red wool, on needle 2 knit first 6 stitches in rust red, then 9 stitches in offwhite, then again 6 stitches in rust red. Repeat the same on needle number 3 until you knit all stitches in rust red on needle number 4 again. Now you reduce the wool-white stitches per round by two stitches per ear. This is how the pointed ears of your cap are made.

Continue to knit in red until you think the cap is high enough.

To slowly close the cap, knit stitches together. Tie together a total of three stitches per needle. In between there is always a round that you normally knit until you knit stitches again. Knitt the stitches together until there are only three stitches left per needle.

Cut the thread generously and pull it through all the stitches. Then pull the stitches close together and knot the thread. The cap is now closed.


Tie now all open threads and finished is your fox hat.


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