Knit Felt Bag Pattern

With this modern felt bag, purchases can be conveniently transported home. The knitting and felt instructions can be found here. 

What you need:
After felting: approx. 29 cm wide and 33 cm high from the middle of the floor, length of carrier approx. 28 cm

  • Schachenmayr Wash + felt-it! 200 g in Blanket Fb 00020 and Steel Fb 00021
  • 50 g in Pink Fb 00011
  • 80 cm long circular needle 8-9

For smooth right before felting: about 10 M and 16 R / Rd = 10 x 10 cm. 
Smooth right
In rows: in Hinr M right, in Rückr M left str. In rounds all M right str



Begin at the bottom of the bag, knit crosswise (see arrow on the sketch), cast 10 sts in blanket (dark gray) and knit 54 rows on the right, starting with a back row and in the last row = row at the beginning of the row Take off st from M, knit the following sts to the right and pull off the off st, at the end of the row knit the last 2 sts to the right = 8M. Do not bind off the sts, but knit the pocket-bag in rounds to the right. Round start is on the right side line of a wide pocket side (see also “point” in the sketch). Change color and pick up 44 M from the side edge of the floor with Steel (light gray), pick up 44 sts from the adjoining side edge 44 sts and knit the following 8 sts = 104 sts. Turn the pocket bag to the right in rounds, A total of 78 Rd – divide them into strips as follows: the first * 14 Rd in Steel (light gray), then 3 Rd in pink, then 9 Rd in Blanket (dark gray), from * always wdh. After the 78th round for the straps in Blanket (dark gray), continue as follows: Work 14 sts (= 6 sts on the 1st side of the pocket and 8 sts on the 1st st) on the right, cast off 16 sts for the 2nd half of the piece Knit 8 sts and dec 1 st, bind off 20 sts, knit 8 sts for 1st half of sts, bind off 16 sts, knit 8 sts for last halftone and dec 1 st, then bind off 20 sts until 1st st. Now knit over the 8 sts in rows for the 1st half of the piece 24 R on the right and close the sts. Over the next 8 sts, finish the second half of the piece as well, then join the stiffened sts of both halves in a stitch stitch. Sew all threads. Felt bag in the washing machine.
Felting in the washing machine:
Normally, it is felted at 40 ° C in the washing machine in the color wash; but even the gentle cycle can be used if a not so strong felt effect is desired or your machine felt too much. Use a color detergent or heavy-duty detergent, but no wool detergent or fabric softener. Wash the parts to reinforce the felting effect and to make economic use of the machine together with insensitive coloreds, jeans or towels (but please do not use new towels, as these can still dissolve fibers that bind firmly to the parts to be felted). Different models and colors can be washed together. But you should especially with bright colors and / or if you jeans or Add color washing with in the machine a color protective cloth (drugstore) to it. In the washing machine, the parts shrink by up to about 30%; these values ​​are only guideline values.

Shaping and drying: After washing, pull your felted part into shape according to the instructions and press the seams well from the inside out. Rounding can be formed particularly well over the clenched fist. Bags, bowls, etc. can be stuffed with paper or towels to dry, but this should be replaced from time to time.

Further care for felted parts:
Please note that felted parts felts in the washing machine during washing. However, you can carefully wash by hand with a little wool detergent in about 20 ° C warm water. In doing so, avoid any rubbing, soak the parts only briefly, swing them back and forth and use the same water temperature for washing and rinsing water. To dry the parts rolled out in towels, do not wrestle, pull in the form as described and let dry.

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