Crocheted toys for children (amigurumi)

Crocheted toys are real exclusive, because, in the process of knitting, each needlewoman brings something into it from her, and therefore the final result will certainly surprise her with her individual zest.

Very popular with children are crocheted bears both ordinary clubfoot and overseas Teddy, and any of them a loving mother can easily do by her own hands, only a little spare time and a suitable yarn at hand is needed.

Most often, bears are made in the technique of Japanese circular knitting “amigurumi.” The toys associated with the “Grass” yarn look original, thanks to the fluffy structure of which the bear turns out to be really fur. However, from an ordinary cotton or woolen thread, excellent hand-made toys are obtained.

At the same time, not only the knitted toy-bear will be pleased with the child. For children who want to always have a reminder of their favorite fairy-tale character, try to tie a striking patch-like application in the form of a bean that can be placed on a cap, outer clothing or a baby’s backpack.

We offer skilled workers to practice knitting toy bears crochet. Children will be delighted with such nice soft toys!

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