Crocheted T-shirts for Summer

Nobody argues that the market is full of all sorts of items of women’s clothing, in particular, light T-shirts and openwork tops. However, when it comes to truly exclusive things there are only two possible options: To spend fabulous money to buy a stylish gizmo or try to make it for yourself. Hand-made is now at the peak of popularity, so there is a hook and a favorite yarn, as well as some free time welcome to try yourself in knitting T-shirts, all the details of which we will talk in detail in today’s material.

We suggest to try to tie a translucent loin with a simple but memorable pattern. We guarantee that in this garment you definitely will not remain unnoticed!

The combination of a transparent openwork pattern and decoration made by bryug knitting is the top of knitted art. Let’s try to connect such beauty!

For advanced handmade craftsmen we provide a large collection of topical T-shirts of this season, related in various techniques. Detailed schemes and patterns for them will help to execute any model in the shortest possible time.

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