Crochet Sweater

36/38 (40/42 – 44/46)

crochet needle 4 mm
Mille Fili Glitz
color 012 (Mint) 300 (400 – 500) g

basic pattern hole pattern:
base number: 3 LM (instead of 1 tr), Crochet 2 dc, 1 tr in the 6th dc, * crochet 2 dc, 1 tr in the 3rd dc; from * continued wdh. 1st row: 3 rows LM (instead of 1st row), * 2 rows LM, 1 tr in the row of the previous row; from left to right, at the end of the row crochet 1 tr in the LM bow. The 1st R continued wdh.

Solid knitted

mesh sample in the basic pattern:
8 box 8 and R = 10 x 10 cm

Cast on 132 (144 – 156) sts and crochet in pattern (= 44 (48 – 52) square). At a height of 31 (33 – 35) cm for the sleeves on both sides as follows strike 48 LM (= 16 boxes): Finish the work. Cast on 48 round sts (= 16 squares), then crochet over the first crocheted part until the end of the row in the basic pattern and finally cast on 48 LM again.Crochet a base row over the LM in the next row and continue crocheting over the middle st in the basic pattern. Then work on all M in the basic pattern. Start at a height of 46 (50 – 54) cm with the side slants for the slanting: For this 3 boxes are taken as follows: At the beginning of the row 1 KM in the 1st tr, 2 LM, 1 fe M in the next tr, Work 2 rounds, 1 htr in the next tr, 2 sts and then 1 tr in the next tr. These 3 boxes remain unbacked in the next R. Finish with R, ie crochet up to 3 squares before row end in basic pattern, crochet 2 rows, 1 htr in next row of previous row, crochet 2 rows, 1 row st in row of previous row, 2 rows LM and last row Pre-series 1 KM work. Turn the work over and crochet over the first 3 boxes KM. These decreases still 4x wdh. At a height of 53 (57 – 61) cm finish the work.

Front : Crochet the back, but at a height of 36 (40-44) cm, mark the center of the neckline and finish both sides separately. For the cut-out bevel at the cut-out edge in each R 6×1 box: For the 2 trs before the mark add. Then work, crochet 3 sts and then crochet 1 tr in the penultimate tr of the previous row. After 6 boxes have been removed in this way, remove 3×1 boxes in every 2nd row. Then continue to work without acceptances. At a height of 53 (57 – 61) cm finish the work. Finish the other side the same way.

Clamp and moisten the parts according to the sectional drawing and allow to dry. Close all seams from left to right with KM. Crochet all edges with 3 round fe sts. Crochet 2 sts in each box on the first round.

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