Crochet Shirt in Lace Pattern

This crochet shirt in a lace pattern is something very special. Whether walking on the beach promenade, sitting together in the garden or in the city – in this light and airy shirt, the combinations are endless. And crocheting is also a pleasure: it is crocheted on a piece of the basic mesh and airy 3-way and 4-way chopsticks – a great project for crochet beginners.

Design: Evelyn Bunny

For this guide, we recommend the following materials:


Schachenmayr Catania, 50 g ball 
length 50 g = 125 m 
Fb 00426 (fox) 6 , 8 balls

Check the bands and use only balls of the same color section. The material consumption can vary from person to person.

crochet hook 3.5 mm 
wool needle for sewing the threads


Mesh sample :
Basic pattern:
18 M (= 3 repeats) and 6 R (= 3 repeats) = 10 cm x 10 cm

Basic Techniques:
Luftm, M, Stb, D-Stb, 3-Stb, 4-Stb

Basic pattern: Number of stitches divisible by 6 plus 1 
sts. R (= back): 1 reversible airm, 1 sts-M, * 6 airm, 1 sts-M into the 2nd airm from needle, into the following airm 1 each Work tr, d tr, tr 3 tr, tr 4 dtr, reverse 5 sts, repeat 1 st in stocking st, repeat from *. 
2. R (= Hinr): 6 reversing airm, * a 4-fold tr in the M-member of the 4-tr tr of the pre-R, a 3-tr tr in the M member of the 3 fold tr of the pre-R, a D-tr in the M-member of the D-tr of the pre-R, a tr in the M-member of the tr of the pre-R,

1 Repeat St-M in M-member of Fixed-M of Pre-R, 1 airm, ab * always. The R finish with 1 Kettm in the 5th Luftm the pre-R. Always repeat the 1st and 2nd Rs.

The data for each size are from the smallest to the largest size in different colors one behind the other, each separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

NOTE: The shirt is crocheted in one piece from the hem of the front over the shoulders to the hem of the back.

Front and back 
97 / 109 strike ch plus 1 turn-ch. 
Crochet 1 round M sts. 1 Turn airmelt, then start the pattern in the following pattern and crochet the pattern repeat 16x / 18x.

After 20 R (= 10 pattern repeats approximately 33 cm =) for the truncated sleeve 6 on both sides to sts = 109 / 121 m (= 18 / 20 pattern repeats). 
After 8 / 10 R (= 4 / 5 pattern repeats) for the cut Halsaus- 36 M (= 6 pattern repeats) can unbehäkelt and exit separated both sides. 
First, finish the right shoulder, crochet 6 rows (= 3 pattern repeats). Then crochet the left shoulder as well. After the last M 36, re-apply Luftm and connect the last Luftm with the right shoulder through a Kettm, so that the neckline is closed.

Then work beginning with a return row on the left working edge again over all M and crochet the back part, this 10 / 12 R (= 5 / 6 blank pattern repeats) crocheting, then both sides 6 M (= 1 pattern repeat) unbehäkelt and the back part work the same way to the front part and finish with 1 Rückr Feste-M. Overall length = 53 / 56 cm.

Stretch the part, moisten and let it dry. 
Close the side and sleeve seams. 
Crochet neckline and sleeve edges with 1 round solid M. Sew all threads with the wool needle .

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