Crochet Hat For Summer

A beanie is  the accessory for a casual autumn outfit and accompanies you in winter as well. Beanies in different colors and patterns bring color into the gray autumn days and keep you warm even on the first autumn walk. In addition, you can not only cover up a Bad Hair Day at any time , but also give your outfit a casual touch. So that you are prepared for the fall , we show you how you can crochet your own beanie – guaranteed a nice project, which you can conjure in the evening on the couch.

Crochet your beanie in your own design

The beauty of a self-crocheted beanie is that you can easily and easily tackle it as a small project for a Sunday night, conjuring up a model that you can tailor to your favorite colors and patterns . Choose a soft yarn for your beanie, like the yarn bingo by LANA GROSSA , which you can work well with a crochet hook of size 7 or 8. Make sure that the yarn is designed for slightly smaller needles. For example, if you process the bingo yarn with a larger needle, you will receive a cap that is pleasantly soft and loose. Or the other way around: choose a needle that is a bit too big to crochet your beanie to achieve the desired result.


If you have selected the yarn of your choice, you are ready to go. First crochet a row of stitches with seven stitches, close them to the circle. Then you crochet each of the stitches twice in the first round. In the second round doubling only every other stitch, in the third round every third stitch. Then every fourth, in the fifth round every fifth. This procedure you always carry on until you have reached a diameter of about 21 cm with your crocheted piece. This should usually be enough to work the bulge of your cap. Then you do not double stitches and continue to crochet in rounds until your beanie has the desired length. If you want a beanie that falls down easily, just work a few more rounds on your hat.

Of course you can decorate your hat or work with varied patterns. So you give the beanie your own design and make it perfect for your fall look. Just try it out and make your new beanie.

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