Crochet Dishcloth Free Pattern


Knooking    this is knitting with the crochet hook. We  show you a great knooking project made of a special material: a washcloth made of bamboo yarn.


First, get your materials ready. I chose bamboo yarn here.

The yarn is soft, dimensionally stable, hard-wearing and easy-care. It is a natural yarn made of bamboo fiber, which feels particularly soft and easy to work with. The material is breathable and has an antibacterial effect. It is also very easy to care for.

Prepare Hooks

I decided to use a Tunisian crochet hook. For this I simply cut off the back end of the string and remove the wooden ball.

You can also use a conventional knooking hook.

Pick up Stitches

I took my yarn twice to make it thicker.

First, strike an air chain, which is as long as your washcloth should later be wide.

Then go with the crochet hook in the individual stitches and pull the thread through from behind  –  but leave it on the hook as in knitting. At the end you have a lot of stitches on your hook.


Now pull all the stitches from the hook backwards onto the string that is on the back of the hook. This almost imitates your second knitting needle.

Now you go with the hook through the first stitch (the thread is behind) and pull the thread with the hook through. You repeat that again for all stitches.

At the end you pull the thread out of the lower stitches and pull the new stitches back on the string on the hook.

Rows Are Knuckle

Now you are making so many rows until you reach the desired length.

Cut Off 1

To cut you go through the first two stitches on the string …

Cut Off 2

… and get the thread through both stitches. You have a stitch on the hook now. Go into the next stitch and pull the thread through both stitches again. So you go to the end.

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