Crochet Cute Decorative Owls Tutorial

Our new pet? An owl! The cute, decorative wool owls look good on indoor plants, in the flowerpot, on the windowpane … oh, just everywhere! Try it yourself! 

You need this:

  • Crochet hooks No. 2,5 (possibly No. 2) and 1,5
  • Cotton yarn (eg sock yarn or leftovers suitable for needle size 2.5 
  • White crochet yarn thickness 10
  • Small animal eyes or shirt buttons in white
  • Filling wool, possibly filled granules
  • embroidery needle

And this is how it’s done: 

25 mesh and 53 rounds in Ajourmuster = 10 x 10 cm.

Basic pattern
It is crocheted in turns in rounds, marking the beginnings of the round by interposing a contrasting colored thread.


4 ch with 
1 Km close to ring 1st row: 8 dc 2nd 
row: in each stitch 2 dc (16) 
3rd row: in every 2nd stitch 2 dc (24) 
4th + 5th row: in each stitch 1 dc 
6.R: in every 4th stitch 2 dc (30) 
7.-12.R: in each stitch 1 dc 
13.R: skip every 5th stitch (24) 
14.R: every 4th stitch omit (18) 
for head 
15.R: in every 3rd stitch 2 dc (24) 
16.-22.R: in each stitch 1 dc 
23.R: skip every 4th stitch 
24.R: 3 dc, 3 Tr, 6 dc, 3 dc, 3 dc and finish with 1 m. Fill the body and sew 
together at the top edge – the crocheted chopsticks will become the ears.

The wings are crocheted in a spiral around the row of air meshes in two rounds. 
Cast on 6 ch, starting at the penultimate stitch crochet 4 dc, in the first of the 3 mesh dc. Do not turn but crochet 4 dc on the other side of the mesh. 
for the 2nd round: 3 sc, 1 tr, 2 tr in a st, 3 tr in a st, 2 tr in a st, 1 tr, 3 dc and finish with 1 km. 
Work the second wing in the same way. Sew on the threads and sew the wings to the body with a few stitches in the upper part of the curve.

Finally embroider the beak. Embroider only three longitudinal stitches, then wrap them. Loosen up and tighten the last two wraps for the beak tip. Fix the buttons as eyes. All threads can be sewn hidden under the wing approaches.

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