Crochet Baby Frog Hat Pattern Free


We will show you today how to easily crochet this super cute frog hat for babies and kids.

You can customize the head circumference individually. A real eye-catcher and a great gift!

Crochet Your Hat

Strike four LM and close a ring. Each of the following rounds is closed with a chain stitch, followed by an airlock:

1st round: crochet eight half tricks into the ring

2nd round: double all stitches

3rd round: double every other stitch

4th round: double every third stitch If your desired head circumference has not been reached, continue doing so (every fourth, then fifth, then sixth … double stitch).

Here was increased to the  5th round.

When the desired head circumference is reached, continue to crochet rounds without doubling until the desired length is reached.

Here are eight additional rounds.

Then a round in blue.

Close the last round with a slit stitch, turn the cap and crochet in a tight loop the other way around the hat.

Make a knot and sew the thread.

Ear Flaps

Mark on the left and right of the cap the places where the ear caps should start.

Crochet into the next eight stitches and sew tight stitches. Crochet and turn a LM.

Now crochet two stitches normally with half sticks, then skip a stitch.

If only one stitch is left, hit 20 LM.

Node. Cut off. Same for the other earflap.

Frog Eyes

Hit four LMs with White and make a ring.

Now put eight half sticks into the ring.

In the next round doubling with black all the stitches.

Close the round with a chain stitch, an airlock, and do the work.

In the last round, crochet tight stitches and double every other stitch, this time in green.

But not the last five stitches – so you can better attach the eye to the hat.

Now crochet the other eye and attach both eyes left and right to the cap.


Now go to the eyes again with the black wool and stich each one pupil.

This can be like a semicircle here – or just a closed circle in the middle.

Finally, all you have to do is sew on or embroider the mouth of the frog with the black wool. Finished!

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