Beautiful Scarf Crochet Pattern

With a beautiful, weird ajour pattern, the stole is a great accessory for you. Thanks to the simple cut, even beginners can knit the stole well, especially if they want to risk new patterns. Through the pattern, the stole is given that certain something and it becomes a modern accessory for everyday life. With the detailed instructions, the stole succeeds well, of course you have no limits in the color choice, so you can easily conjure the stole in your desired color.

Instructions stole with ajour pattern

STOLA · Alpaca Peru 200
60 cm wide x 148 cm long

Size : 60 cm wide x 148 cm long

Material : Lana Grossa Alpaca Peru 200  (100% alpaca, length 200 m / 50 g); 300 g of magenta  (Fb 203) ; Knitting needles No. 4; Crochet hook No. 3,5.
Ajour pattern, M-number divisible by 7 + 3 + 2 Randm: After knitting font arb. Only traces are drawn, in the back M and U str. The 1st – 14th R always wdh.

Swatch : Ajourmuster with needles no. 4: 18.5 M and 25 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Stole : Cast on 110 sts with needles 4 and 1 garter st. Then in the Ajourmuster weiterarb. At a total height of 148 cm, cast off M

Completion : stretch part, moisten and let dry. Crochet the outer edge with crochet hook No. 3,5 as follows: Begin at the edge of the sling: Attach, 1 airm, * 2 fe M, 1 nubble (= 3 airm, 3 trimmed together into the 1st airm, 2 airm), 1 Fe in the same place of insertion as the last fe M before the knob, 1 fe M, from * always wdh, in the corner end with 1 fe M, 1 knob and 1 fe M; crochet around the side edge; crochet the hem as if around the edge of the slit but start with 1 sl st, 1 sl st and 1 sl st in the corner; Crochet around the other side edge, finish with 1 sts and 1 pimple in the last corner and close with 1 sl st in the 1st st from M to Rd.



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