Baby Dress Pattern Free

To fit ages
3-6 6-9 months
Length to shoulder
40 46 cm
15¾ 18 in
3(3) 50g balls of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in Silver 012.
Pair each 2¾mm (US 2) and 3¼mm (US 3) needles.
2 buttons.
25 sts and 34 rows to 10cm/4in over st st using 3¼mm (US 3)
alt = alternate; beg = beginning; cm = centimetres; cont =
continue; dec = decrease; foll = following; inc = increase; k =
knit; kfb = k into front and back of next st; m1 = make one st
by picking up and working into back of loop lying between
st just worked and next st; p = purl; patt = pattern; pfb = purl
into front and back of next st; rem = remaining; rep = repeat;
skpo = sl 1, k1, pass slipped st over; sl = slip; ssk = [slip 1] twice,
insert tip of left hand needle from left to right through the
fronts of both slipped sts and work 2 tog; st(s) = stitch(es); st st
=stocking stitch; tbl = through back loop; tog = together; yf =
yarn forward; yo = yarn over needle; yrn = yarn round needle;
y2rn = yarn round needle twice.
First leg
With 2¾mm (US 2) needles, cast on 27(31) sts.
Moss st row K1, * p1, k1; rep from * to end.
Rep this row 5 times more.
Change to 3¼mm (US 3) needles.
Beg with a k row work in st st.
Work 8(10) rows. **
Shape crotch
Next row (right side) K3, m1, k to end.
Next row P to end.
Rep the last 2 rows 3 times more. 31(35)sts.
Leave these sts on a holder.
The pattern text and design are copyrighted and must not be reproduced or knitted for sale
without prior permission of the copyright holder, Debbie Bliss. 2 ©
Second leg
Work as First Leg to **.
Shape crotch
Next row K to last 3 sts, m1, k3.
Next row P to end.
Rep the last 2 rows twice more and the inc row again. 31(35)
Next row Cast on 8 sts, p to end. 39(43) sts.
Joining row (right side) K across sts of second leg, then k
across sts of first leg. 70(78) sts.
Cont in st st until back measures 18(20)cm/7(8)in from joining
row, ending with a k row.
Dec row P2, [p2tog, p2] 17(19) times.
53(59) sts ***.
Moss st row K1, * p1, k1; rep from * to end.
Rep the last row 5 times more.
Buttonhole row (right side) Moss st 12(14), yf, work 2 tog,
moss st to last 14(16) sts, work 2 tog, yf, moss st to end.
Moss st 3 rows.
Cast off in moss st.
Work as given for Back to ***.
Moss st row K1, * p1, k1; rep from * to end.
Rep the last row 9 times more.
Shape yoke
Cast off 8(9) sts at beg of next 2 rows.
37(41) sts.
Cont in moss st until work measures 33(37)cm/13(14 1/2)in
from joining row, ending with a wrong side row.
Next row Moss st 9, turn and work on these sts only for first
strap, leave rem sts on a spare needle.
Cont in moss st until strap measures 24(26)cm/9½(10¼)in.
Cast off.
With right side facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, cast off 19(23),
moss st to end.
Cont in moss st on these sts for second strap, until strap
measures 24(26)cm/
9½ (10¼)in.

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