Amigurumi Toy Rabbit Construction With Video Description

we are adding this Amigurumi Toy Rabbit Production, which is one of these rabbit amigurumi models which can be enjoyed by knitting lovers beautifully, especially those who seek Knitting Toys with pleasure, and which I find really nice. You can make this Amigurumi Rabbit Model with Amigurumi Samples which are worthy of Dilek’s Hobby World Toy Amigurumi samples in full.

For you, I am adding the video that describes the creation of this sweet rabbit that you see in the photo. When I share Amugurimi, many people ask how they are done and want to learn. here is a share in the direction of this intense demand coming from you

I would like to thank Dilek’s World, who has written about this amugurimiyi to us and prepared the video in the form of a video and presented it to us. In the future, I will share the videos of this channel with my valued writers

Before we start making this sweet rabbit, I would like to say that our followers with enough experience in weaving will be able to make minor changes to this model. I leave you with a choice of colors and ropes in particular. For boys and girls, it will be a more correct decision to choose the colors according to them.


Now I am posting the video which you can learn to description


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